The Opposition parties have slammed the Railway Budget presented by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu here on Thursday.

The Congress said there's no substance in this budget. "Nothing new in this. This is for Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the home states of Prime Minister and Railway Minister. The Government says fares have not been increased. Of course, the Government has taken rest after increasing passenger fares twice," said former rail minister Mallikarjun Kharge.

He wondered how will Prabhu find gross budgetary support for the projects that have already been announced. "What are his plans for Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern States? He should have at least announced the funds allocated to new projects. He has made some mere announcements without providing any details. This budget is all set to fail," he added.

The Trinamool Congress termed the budget as disappointing. "I was observing the Railway officials sitting in the officer's gallery. They themselves look disappointed. This is not even a budget. Budget should have had some figures to show. You have nothing to claim and that's the reason why the budget has no figures," said former rail minister Dinesh Trivedi.

He added that the budget was a good lecture to fool the people. "He could have reduced the passenger and cargo fares. But he didn't do it," Trivedi added.