The Center has issued 63 show cause notices to manufacturers and importers of weighing machines and kitchen scales among other such products seeking information regarding compliance with the regulations. The notices have been sent through the Department of Legal Metrology to manufacturers, importers as well as sellers on e-commerce platforms, seeking details regarding the approval of product models, manufacturing, importer or dealer licenses and verification of weighing scales, it added.

This move comes after it was observed that some manufacturers and importers of weighing and measurement instruments are selling weighing machines for people on e-commerce platforms without complying with the regulations. “Such unauthorized sales on e-commerce sites have not only created deficiency in service to the consumers but have also caused revenue loss to the Government, ”the official statement from the Consumer Affairs Ministry said.

Needed approvals

To protect and safeguard the interest of consumers, the manufacturers and importers are required to get the approval of the model (Section 22) of their weighing & measuring instrument, manufacturing license (Section 23)/ importer registration (Section 19) and verification/stamping of weighing & measuring instrument (Section 24) under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

In addition, they also need to make declarations on the labels of such products, as well as on e-commerce platforms in compliance with the provisions of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities), rules 2011.

“The approval of model, manufacturing license/importer registration and verification/stamping is mandatory in the interest of consumers and to regulate trade & commerce in weights, measures and other goods sold by weight measure. Further, the mandatory declaration of the product needs to be made on the pre-package commodity/e–commerce platform for the consumers to make an informed choice,” the Ministry added.

Manufacturers and importers are also required to maintain records of the number of such instruments sold or distributed and details regarding payment of verification fees to the government.

Violation of these provisions of the Legal Metrology Act is punishable with fine or imprisonment or both.