Despite some progressive policies and measures, the choices for women in the workforce remain somewhat restricted by social ethos and corporate cultural context, pointed out Mallika Srinivasan, Chairman & Managing Director of leading tractor company TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd).

“Both during pandemic and prior to pandemic, we really saw outstanding examples of women from all strata of society demonstrating courage and conviction in achieving their goals,” she said while launching the Women Business Council for Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI).

She also mentioned about the importance given to women education in South Indian families and the impact of iconic women like Indira Nooyi on corporate world. "Corporate groups such as TVS and Apollo Hospitals have been empowering women in the workforce," she said.

Srinivasan felt that initiatives such as independent women directors are progressive and effective benchmarking practice.

Quoting a report that’s said participation of women in workforce is lower in India than China, Indonesia, and South Africa, she stated that the choices for women still restricted. This is ironic and honestly that’s the situation. This need to be addressed, she added.

“In this context, I welcome the initiative of MCCI to form Women Business Council (WBC), which comprises women who have demonstrated some outstanding professional expertise and entrepreneurial ability," said Mallika Srinivasan.

MCCI’s WBC has been formed with the aim to promote gender acceleration and to build an inclusive culture in business environments. The primary objective is to enable women to reach their highest potential, through learning and awareness and to create opportunities for gender development in business communities, according to the Chamber.