Airlines from Sri Lanka will be allowed to operate unlimited flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Sri Lanka is among the six countries with which “major issues were resolved” under the National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) at the recently concluded International Civil Aviation Negotiations, an official statement issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation said. The NCAP calls for India to look at having “open skies” agreements with various countries.

Other countries

Finland, Czech Republic and Spain are the other countries with which India has resolved issues under NCAP \to allow open skies. Open skies between countries allow airlines from both the sides to operate unlimited flights. Besides, airlines from India will be allowed to operate more flights to various parts of the world, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Ghana.

India has renegotiated traffic rights with Oman and increased the entitlement by 5,131 seats a week. With this, the total capacity entitlement has increased to 21,147 seats a week from 16,016 seats allowed earlier between the two countries.

Bilateral agreements

Since bilateral agreements allow airlines from both sides to have the same number of seats, Indian carriers will also be allowed to operate more flights to Oman. Similarly, India is to allow Saudi Arabian Airlines to operate an additional 8,000 seats a week.

In addition, airlines from Ghana have been allowed to operate a daily service instead of the two flights a week at present.

In addition, airlines from India operating to Kenya will not only be allowed to stop in another country en-route to Africa but will also be allowed to fly onwards from Kenya after picking up passengers from there. This is being done to enhance connectivity between the two countries, the statement added.

Airlines from Kenya have been allowed to operate to Hyderabad and airlines from India and Kenya have been allowed to raise the number of weekly flights to 21 from 14 earlier. India and Ethiopia agreed to enhance the capacity entitlement to 28 weekly flights from 21 earlier. In addition, airlines from Ethiopia will now be allowed to Kolkata instead of Bengaluru to which they were allowed operate earlier.