During June 2024, Indian Railways clocked originating freight loading of 135.46 million tonnes (MT), which is 10.07 per cent higher compared to a year ago (123.06 MT). This fetched freight revenue of ₹14,798.11 crore, which is nearly 11.12 per cent more compared to the ₹13,316.81-crore freight earnings in June 2023.

During the month, Indian Railways loaded 60.27 MT of coal (excluding imported coal), 8.82 MT imported coal, 15.07 MT iron ore, 5.36 MT pig iron and finished steel, 7.56 MT cement (excluding clinker), 5.28 MT clinker, 4.21 MT foodgrains, 5.30 MT fertilizers, 4.18 MT mineral oil, 6.97 MT containers, and 10.06 MT other goods.

Following the mantra ‘Hungry for cargo’, Indian Railways is working to improve ease of doing business and offer service delivery at competitive prices. The public sector behemoth credits the achievement to its customer-centric approach and the work of its business development units, backed by agile policymaking.