In a bid to ease the compliance burden of citizens, the government has notified that as many as 58 motor vehicles-related services including applying for Learner License, renewing Driver License, and applying for change in vehicle ownership can now be availed online.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) on Friday notified that 58 citizen-centric services related to driving license, conductor license, vehicle registration, permit, and transfer of ownership can be now availed completely online.

These services can be now be availed with the help of Aadhaar authentication, on a voluntary basis, eliminating the need to visit the regional transport office (RTO).

Aadhaar-enabled service delivery

Providing such services in a contactless and faceless manner would go a long way in saving critical time of citizens while easing their compliance burden. Consequently, the footfall at the RTOs is likely to significantly reduce, which would lead to greater efficiency in their functioning, MoRTH said.

“Provided that any person who does not have an Aadhaar number may avail such service in physical form by establishing the identity by submitting an alternative document physically with respective Authority as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) 1989,” it added.

The online services for which a citizen is required to undergo Aadhaar authentication include application for Learner License (LL), change of address in LL, renewal of Driving License (DL) for which test of competence to drive is not required, issuing duplicate DL or for replacement of DL.

Further, citizens can also apply online for Application for International Driving Permit,application for transfer of ownership of motor vehicle as well as issuing duplicate fitness certificate.