Oman Air launched its maiden freighter services from GMR Hyderabad International Airport, operating its first Boeing B737-800BCF connecting Hyderabad and Muscat.  

The freighter service will operate two weekly flights, on Tuesday and Saturday. The flight will depart from Hyderabad at 14:00 hours. With a one-way capacity of 22 tonnes, the freighter will add an additional weekly capacity of 88 tonnes from Hyderabad Airport. This service is poised to boost the export of pharmaceuticals and hatching eggs shipments from the city.

“The Oman Air freighter services from Hyderabad Airport will not only link our diverse industries and the thriving market within the city but will also provide opportunities for the businesses in the surrounding regions to access the global market,’‘ Pradeep Panicker, CEO, GMR Hyderabad International Airport said in a release. 

 “As global cargo demand continues to grow, we have emphasised and developed infrastructure and innovative capabilities, digital solutions, and added multiple value additions. We look forward to adding more cargo routes in the coming years,’” he added. 

Oman serves as a large importer of hatching eggs from India. With this new connection, Oman Air expects a substantial surge in exports of hatching eggs from Hyderabad, leveraging the large hatchery infrastructure in the city. This new connectivity will also boost pharma exports to Oman and further to the US and Europe with Muscat serving as a transhipment base. The Middle East is also a major importer of fruits and vegetables.

This new freighter would enhance exports of fruits and vegetables from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to the Middle East, the release added.