Freight loading by Indian Railways saw a 1.45 per cent rise y-o-y in April to 128.29 mt. Earnings from the segment saw a 1.30 per cent rise, for the period under review, to ₹14,075 crore, it said in a statement.

Freight earnings increases by ₹181.86 crore as compared to the same period of last year.

In FY24, freight loading was a record high of 1,591 mt.

In April, coal loading was around 58 mt, while iron ore loading was close to 15 mt. Pig iron and finished steel loading was 5.24 mt.

Cement loading (excluding clinker) was 6.79 mt; while foodgrain loading was 3.85 mt. Fertiliser loading was 4.01 mt and mineral oil loading was 4.16 mt.