Truckjee, an online portal to bring together truck owners and transporters directly, will help speedy and efficient hiring of trucks, according to its founder and CEO Younus Farveaz.

Addressing media persons at the launch of Truckjee, Farveaz, a 23-year-old scion of a family in trucking business, said the Beta version of Truckjee brought down a truck booking activity to one hour from about six hours needed under conventional style.

Typically, businesses needing a truck have to look to middlemen. This is time consuming and expensive.

Truckjee also offers value adds such as load service, linking appropriate trucks with the type of cargo, GPS tracking of cargo movement, rating the truck on its condition and track record of service and ensuring early payment of balance to the truck owner, he said.

As of now it has over 70 trucks with a capacity of 6 tonnes to 24 tonnes in its fold. (EOM)