Policy makers should take into account how internet is creating new wave of jobs and should integrate the traditional method with new age tools and innovation such as to create employment opportunity, according to a report.

The report ‘Employer Led Model of Job Creation’ by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry released at the 11th edition of Global Skill Summit here on Saturday, states that focus on adequate investment in infrastructure development, adaption of new age technologies and upskilling and reskilling will drive India towards a $10 trillion economy by 2030-35. The report states that such growth could enhance economic activities and result in substantial number of jobs.

The new emerging sectors like the e-commerce and aggregators are projected to cross $103 billion by 2020 with 41 per cent CAGR. The major segment is e-tail, which forms the fastest growing segment, and is expected to account for 67% of the total e-commerce market. Apart from the direct employment contribution, the sector has generated indirect/ adjacent employment in the allied industries like logistics, warehousing, IT/ ITeS, sellers and SMEs, and other support industries (like payment solutions, marketers, and advertisers).

According to the report, using conservative and traditional models yet integrating modern will accelerate pace of employment generation. These existing models need to be identified and workforce should be reskilled on modern tools to develop globally marketable products.

To scale up existing business models, the enterprises identify and empower technologies for Indian context, which can have multiplier effect on scaling up existing models. “With more than 500 million Internet users, it could be a game changer to develop sustained demand- supply mechanism and hence create opportunities,” the report stated.

Inaugurating the 11th Global Skill Summit organised by the FICCI here on Saturday, Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, said in the press statement that the belief that technology and innovation were squeezing the job space was a myth. “While some jobs were being squeezed, a multi-fold increase was being witnessed in many other sectors due to technological innovation,” he added.

Pradhan said in the statement that the time was ripe to channelise India’s intellectual asset into creation of gainful employment for the people endowed with the right type of skills.