Having noticed instances where objectionable and vulgar content was being broadcast on private FM Radio channels, the Information and Broadcasting ministry has asked them to ensure that the programmes were clean and the language of jockeys decent.

In an advisory to these channels, the ministry said it has come to its notice that “vulgar and objectionable content is very often being broadcast on several FM Radio channels.”

“It has also been noticed that the language used by many Radio jockeys is indecent and offensive. They often make defamatory and derogatory comments, particularly during night hours which do not appear to be in good taste,” it said.

The ministry has also emphasised that permission is provided to Radio channels on the basis that no content, messages, advertisement or communication broadcast would have content that is objectionable, obscene or inconsistent with the laws of the country.

The I&B ministry has said that the Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) for Radio channels also holds that they would stick to the programming and advertisement code followed by the All India Radio or face penal action in case of any violation.

Under the guidelines, Radio channels cannot criticise friendly countries, attack religion, state anything obscene or defamatory, incite violence, do anything to disturb law or show disrespect to the Constitution.

Anything amounting to contempt of court, aspersions against the integrity of the President, Governor and the judiciary, attack on a political party by name or hostile criticism of any state or centre are also barred under the guidelines.

The ministry said Radio channels cannot make any appeals for funds like the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, the National Defence Fund or in case of calamities such as floods or earthquakes.

The Radio channels also cannot indulge in direct publicity for or on behalf of an individual or organisation which is likely to benefit only that individual or organisation.

The ministry also advised radio channels to not broadcast trade names which amount to advertising directly except during the commercial service time.