NITI Aayog has called for ‘actively pursuing’ works on new nuclear power projects and suggested fresh capacity addition of 2.8 GW by the year 2019. For this to be achieved, the Aayog states that work on new nuclear power projects under construction at existing location and Kudankulam Phase 3 and Phase 4 would have to be actively pursed.

In its draft three-year Action Agenda from fiscal 2017-2018 to 2019-2020, circulated for views, the Aayog has said that by, “By 2032, India wants to increase the nuclear power capacity from 5.8 GW to 63 GW.” Regarding the coal sector, it has suggested that the government explore 25 per cent of the untapped 5,100 km square balance coal bearing area to ensure availability of more mining blocks.

For the oil and gas sector, the agenda suggests that there is a need to expand domestic exploration and production. This can be done by awarding another 25 per cent of the present 3.14 m sq km of sedimentary area. The Aayog has also stated that exploration should be initiated in all the remaining 8 sedimentary basins.