Trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline connecting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India may become a reality soon as negotiation for the ambitious project is at the final stage, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said in Lok Sabha today.

Pradhan said discussions over installing a pipeline to bring gas from Turkmenistan to India through Afghanistan and Pakistan were at the final stage and when the project becomes a reality, the country would be free from big dependant on Gulf countries on natural gas.

Replying to a question, the Minister said government will also take a decision on a project to bring natural gas from Iran through a pipeline passing through Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said India has been procuring crude oil from 25 countries and it was not correct to say that the country was over-dependent on the Middle-East for crude supplies.

Pradhan said India has imported Rs 5,81,111 crore worth of crude oil, Rs 59,085 crore worth of petroleum products and Rs 46,712 crore liquefied natural gas during 2014-15 (till December 2014).

In 2013-14, India had imported Rs 8,64,875 crore worth crude oil, Rs 74,605 crore petroleum products and Rs 51,699 crore liquefied natural gas.

The Minister said in order to reduce dependence on imports of oil and gas to meet the energy needs of the growing Indian economy, a number of steps have been taken by the government for enhancing domestic production including improved oil recovery, enhanced oil recovery implemented by exploration and production companies for increasing oil recovery from fields.