The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF), a think-tank focused on digital Startups, has called for robust global digital governance standards and emphasised the importance of fair competition, data privacy, and accountability in the digital era.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, ADIF stands ready to collaborate with stakeholders, governments, and industry players to shape digital governance standards that promote innovation, trust, and equitable access to digital technologies, the think tank said on Friday. 

Noting that it is closely monitoring the recent regulatory actions and developments in the global technology landscape, ADIF said that it acknowledges the European Union’s ongoing investigation into Google’s AdTech business and the potential need for divestiture due to alleged abuse of its dominant position in online advertising.

This development underscores the significance of ensuring a level playing field and promoting healthy competition in the digital advertising space, ADIF said in a statement.

ADIF said it supports initiatives to foster a fair and transparent digital marketplace to benefit consumers and businesses alike.

Regarding the recent fine imposed on Spotify by Swedish regulators for breaching EU data rules, ADIF has stressed the importance of upholding user privacy and data protection. 

As digital services continue to evolve, it becomes crucial for companies to provide clear and comprehensive information about data usage to users. 

The think tank encourages organisations to prioritise transparent data practices and comply with applicable data protection laws to build users trust.

ADIF said that the forthcoming Digital India Bill, whose draft is expected by the end of this month, reflects India’s commitment to establishing a modern and comprehensive legal framework for the digital age. 

ADIF believes that a robust legislative framework will strengthen India’s digital infrastructure and serve as a benchmark for other nations to follow, fostering global digital governance standards.

ADIF recognizes the Indian government’s commitment to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies under the proposed Digital India Act (DIA) in a manner that prioritizes user protection. 

The DIA will establish accountability measures and ensure that big tech companies adhere to ethical standards in deploying AI systems. 

As international norms for AI regulation take shape, ADIF remains committed to promoting responsible AI governance that safeguards user interests while fostering innovation and economic growth, it added.

In light of Denmark’s plans to raise the age at which tech firms can collect personal data from children, ADIF acknowledges the global concern regarding data collection practices involving minors. 

The digital policy think tank supports initiatives that prioritize the privacy and well-being of young individuals and welcomes measures aimed at obtaining parental consent for data usage. ADIF has urged other nations to consider similar measures to protect the interests of minors and ensure responsible data handling practices.