As AI usage surges across the spectrum, developers have noted that tools like GitHub Copilot and AWS CodeWhisperer help streamline development processes, enhance productivity, and reduce task completion time, according to industry experts.

GenAI initiatives are designed to assist developers in various aspects of the software development process. These can include code generation, code review and optimization, natural language processing (NLP), augmented development environments, automated testing and debugging, and predictive analytics and insights.

“There have been productivity gains through the integration of these tools - AWS Code Whisperer, copilot, etc. After experiments we have seen the difference in overall delivery speed, agility, and efficiency. Team is around 25 per cent more efficient and 20 per cent faster in overall project deliveries,” said Mandar Navare, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flentas.

According to Ravi Changle, Director - AI & Emerging Technology, Compunnel Digital, incorporating AI into development processes can reduce coding time by up to 50 per cent and improve developer productivity by 10-20 per cent. Depending on the complexity of the code and the efficacy of the AI tools used, code review times can also be reduced by approximately 25-75 per cent.

“These improvements not only accelerate the development cycle but also enhance the overall quality and reliability of software, leading to better end products and higher customer satisfaction,” stated Changle.

Edul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Mudrex, also highlighted that by automating repetitive tasks like testing and debugging, developers can redirect their efforts towards more important tasks like developing new features and enhancing system efficiency.

“At Mudrex, we use Co-pilot, which has increased productivity and test coverage by more than 50 per cent,” continued Patel.

A recent finding by Shorthills AI revealed that integrating GitHub Copilot in software development life cycle has improved developers productivity by 30 to 50 per cent. It noted that incorporating Copilot has not only streamlined operation but has reduced coding review time by 30 per cent.

AI tools have also helped in 70 per cent faster code updates by reusing existing code functions, and reduced senior engineers’ task completion time by 48 per cent, according to a 2024 Ness-Zinnov study. They can decreased about 10 per cent task time for complex coding scenarios and provide a 70 per cent boost in engagement fostering a collaborative workspace.

(Reported by bl intern Vidushi Nautiyal)