Inc, playing catch-up in the hotly contested market for generative artificial intelligence, has developed a tool to help businesses create images.

This week, Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud services arm, has been rolling out a range of products — from a chatbot to AI chips —  at its annual re: Invent conference in Las Vegas. AWS executive Swami Sivasubramanian demonstrated the Titan Image Generator on Wednesday with various images of iguanas that the technology had generated. He said the tool is now available in preview.

AWS is the largest provider of rented computing power and data storage. But it has trailed Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI and Alphabet Inc’s Google in bringing to market products based on its own large language models, the expensive software systems behind ChatGPT, and its ilk. Amazon’s Titan line has added new models since a bare-bones launch in April, including some designed to generate text more cheaply than OpenAI’s latest versions. 

Amazon is also hedging its bets, trying to entice other large model makers to offer their software to AWS customers. Earlier this year, Amazon agreed to invest as much as $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic. As part of the deal, AWS clients have access to Anthropic’s Claude models, including one released last week, Sivasubramanian said. He also said Amazon offers an updated version of Meta Platforms Inc.’s Llama model.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced a chatbot called Q for businesses that can pluck insights from corporate information and summarize text and trends, among other tasks. Matt Wood, an AWS vice president, declined in an interview to say which models Q relies on to produce its results, saying only that it uses a variety of them. 

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