In a survey carried out among residents, apartment management software ADDA has found that 67 per cent of visitors to a residential community daily are delivery executives. Reducing their visits would help the residents of apartments maintain social distancing norms.

With companies adopting the work from home model in the interest of the safety of their employees, apartment complexes, housing societies, gated communities, and other residential areas function at practically 100 per cent capacity. As a result, the need for residential community automation has grown.

The app from ADDA offers a one-stop solution to take care of the basic needs of residents, a statement from the company said.

Society management apps can ensure deliveries happen at the gate, the scope for parcel mismanagement is brought down to zero and contactless deliveries become the new normal, the statement said.

Realising the importance of hardware solutions in greater streamlining, ADDA has joined hands with technology partners to bring sustainable solutions to a range of facilities, be it integrating with water meters to bring down community water consumption, or integrating with security hardware to monitor community security more effectively.

Soon, communities will need more solutions to combine hardware and software, to reuse their common areas, while maintaining safety and social distancing.

ADDA’s ERP module can help residents’ associations increase their annual revenue and savings by more than 2X to ensure their financial sustainability, the statement said.