Apple, reportedly, plans to introduce the most anticipated AR/VR mixed reality headset in 2023, which the company has been working all these years. Reports from Bloomberg say a few details about its features, interface and how it will be working.

Apple mixed-reality headset, named ‘Reality Pro’ will reportedly have similar to iOS interface - several iOS-like functions that are available on the iPhone and iPad. The mixed-reality headset will also serve an external display for a connected Mac. Mac’s users will be able to see the display in VR, and control the Mac with a physical keyboard and trackpad/mouse. Like iPhone and iPad, the headset will have a Home screen with app icons and customisable widgets.


Apple’s mixed-reality headset will feature an eye and hand-tracking tool, where external cameras can analyze users’ hands and eyes. The headset can be controlled by looking at an on-screen item to select it, and with gestures the wearer can activate the on-screen item.

The headset can switch from AR to VR, and vice-versa whenever needed. AR functions will work through a transition mode that will use the exterior cameras on the headset, and swapping between AR and VR will be done with a Digital Crown-like control knob.

Video conferencing with the headset will be a major twist, with Apple bringing FaceTime-based video chatting interface. The wearers actual getup like face and full body will be rendered in VR for meetings, along with avatars available for one-on-one interactions. FaceTime will use icons like Memoji during interactive sessions with multiple participants.

Media content

Apple has partnered with Disney and Dolby for media content, along with updating Apple TV+ shows and movies to sync with headset.

Apps will include usual apps like Safari, Photos, Mail, Messages, ‌Apple TV+‌, Apple Music, Podcasts, and Calendar, and a dedicated App Store. Siri can be used for text inputs, as in an ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, or Mac keyboard. Alongside, Apple is also working on an air typing feature, but it is far from being ready to launch.

Apple will also provide custom lenses that are able to sit within the enclosure. For the ears, the headset already has in-built speakers but Apple suggests the headset wearers to use AirPods too.