OneWeb Network plans to launch space broadband service in India by September 2023, as per an ET report.

OneWeb, backed by the Bharti Group, has received approval from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to set up satellite centres in Gujarat and Chennai, the report further stated.

OneWeb, based out of the UK, plans to use the full ‘Ka’ spectrum band (27.5-29.1 GHz and 29.5-30 GHz) to operate its two centres, and the ‘Ku’ band (14 GHz) for its satellite user access terminals (UATs) in India.

OneWeb aims to unveil the broadband-from-space service as soon as the Ka/Ku bands are allotted by the government. Sources familiar with the matter also said that the launch of the service in India is possible with interference-free use of both ‘Ku’ and ‘Ka’ bands for theUATs and gateways. Any interference in these bands would affect the connectivity and network coverage.

OneWeb Limited operates as a communication company, producing satellites and connectivity solutions.