Coforge Limited, a digital services and solutions provider, has partnered with Denodo, a data integration, management, and delivery platform, to enable banks and other financial organisations to engage in agile modernisation projects without affecting daily operations.

Under the partnership, Denodo will bring its logical data integration and data management approach, powered by data virtualisation, while, Coforge will bring its design and implementation expertise to BFSI clients, enabling companies to overcome challenges like security, compliance, systemic risks, downtime, and data migration quality, so they can gain the necessary agility to engage in migration or modernisation projects in response to diverse business needs.

Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President, Denodo said, “We are excited to embark on this strategic collaboration with Coforge to help accelerate business transformation at banks and financial services organisations through agile self-service data delivery and data modernisation, while also addressing key challenges such as security, governance, and migration risk.”

“This forward-thinking alliance will enable us to better address the needs of our clients, providing them with easier access to vital data sources and greater flexibility in data virtualisation efforts. We believe the partnership will bring together Denodo’s fine technical expertise and Coforge’s deep domain-driven design thinking and implementation prowess,” said Deepak Khetpal, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Data and Analytics, Coforge.