CSS Corp, a digital technology and customer experience (CX) services provider, has rebranded itself to Movate.

The new brand identity symbolizes the company’s transformation into a digital-led, people-driven organization that helps growth-oriented companies outperform through technology and human ingenuity, said the company.

Sunil Mittal, CEO at Movate, said, “We have come a long way in the last few years and have metamorphosed into a human-centered technology and experiences company. While our business has evolved dramatically to align with changing client needs and industry disruptions, it was important for us to also have an identity that clearly represents our tremendous transformation.”

Movate is a combination of ‘Momentum’ and ‘Innovate’, representing its philosophy of helping clients achieve great outcomes with speed and staying ahead of the time curve.

Movate claims it has consistently delivered revenue growth of 20-30 per cent, which is reflective of its business model that leverages digital-infused solutions with an insights-driven approach to drive customer experiences.

The company has also acquired Directly OnDemand, a gig-expert services platform, and now, it said it nurtures a network of thousands of gig experts across 60 countries speaking over 100 languages. Movate’s rebranding is expected to be operationally complete by the end of the year.

Sanjay Chakrabarty, Managing Partner of Capital Square Partners, a Singapore-based Private Equity firm, with a controlling stake in Movate, said, "Movate has carved out a niche for itself in today's new age of digital-led value propositions for clients, and this has facilitated the company's substantial growth over the last few years.”