Global technology services provider ESDS Software Solutions has announced plans to establish two more data centers across Noida and Kolkata in the next two years. The company also aims to expand its existing centres in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Currently, ESDS operates out of six centers across India in Mohali, Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Nasik, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata.

“The two data centers (Mumbai and Bangalore) will be larger compared to their current size. Over time, we evolved into a data center company and then a cloud company with multiple patents. We became the first cloud service provider of India in 2010,” said Piyush Somani, Founder, CMD & CEO of ESDS Software Solution Limited and President of CCICI.

Out of these centres, the company deals with workloads related to the BSFI vertical. ESDS has 450 banking customers, with around 400 corporative banks, and big players like Union Bank of India, all the Prime Minister initiatives like MUDRA bank, Start-up India, Stand up India, Udyami Mitra, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, a company statement said.

Their BSFI portfolio also includes multiple district central cooperative banks, urban cooperative banks, and state apex banks. Under the government vertical, data from around 250 government organizations runs out of ESDS’ cloud. Other verticals include the Power Finance Corporation and multiple oil and gas companies

Somani added, “We are also India’s largest smart metering hosting service provider. Almost 95 per cent of smart meters in India live today are run out of our cloud platform, so we make a significant impact in the cloudification of the utility metering systems as well.”

The company assists its enterprise portfolio - Bestseller, Symphony, Vadilal, Godfrey Phillips, Monte Carlo, and the Embassy group, with running their SAP ERP systems, AI workloads, and other new generation initiatives or SaaS offerings.

Outside of India, the company has presence in 19 countries across the APAC region, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. Its customers include banks in Bahrain and the Saudi Neom project. ESDS also acquired two companies in the UK and the US, and has a data centre in Leeds, with two leased out in Canada and the US.

The CEO mentioned, “We filed for American and UK patents for our vertical autoscaling technology. Now, we have three patents - US, UK, and India. Over time, we also diversified into cybersecurity. We continue to be a strong managed services company.”

ESDS is also currently evaluating some AgriTech platforms for acquisitions, which the company will convert into SaaS and launch out of its data centers. Alongside, it is also looking at data center acquisitions while continuously evaluating startups in AI.

The company anticipates growing by 70 per cent at least this fiscal, and more than 100 per cent in the next one.