Google's email service Gmail has been facing service disruption since 7.30 pm Saturday, according to the company's dashboard, but has since been restored. 

Several users on social media took to social media complained about the outage of Gmail service. 

Gmail initially failed to deliver messages but engineers of the company restored the services for mail delivery around 9 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

"We are experiencing an issue with Gmail. Users may experience delays in email delivery. Our engineering team continues to investigate the issue. We will provide an update by Saturday, 2022-12-10 08:30 US/Pacific with current details," Google dashboard said at 3.35 PM UTC, which is around 9 PM IST.

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Around 9.45 PM IST, Google gave an update that mitigation is currently underway and email delivery is no longer failing.

"However, the Google Engineering team is now working through the backlog of undelivered messages and expect all messages to be delivered in the next few hours. We will provide more information by Saturday, 2022-12-10 10:00 PT," the dashboard said.

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