With the number of electric vehicles going up and the need for better eco-system increasing, here’s a AI-based digital platform that will help fleet management companies manage the fleet better. Goldstone Technologies Ltd and German e-mobility solutions major Quantron AG have joined hands to develop a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

The platform will help insurance companies have tailor-made products, depending on the behaviour and performance of the drivers. It will also help fleet owners track and manage their carbon credits and support vehicles that use alternative energy, including hydrogen energy.

Irrespective of the make of the vehicle or software used in it, the platform allows fleet management companies and insurance companies to quickly connect with the vehicle and get a customised dashboard that captures a number of parameters as the fleet hit the roads.

“A fleet management company need not invest on any software. They can join the platform to immediately get the dashboard, track the vehicles and get data insights,” Pavan Chavali, Managing Director of GTL, told businessline.

Telematics device

Showcasing the solution here on Wednesday along with Quantron AG Chief Executive Officer Michael Perschke, Chavali said each of the vehicles in the fleet will be fitted with a matchbox-sized telematics device. “The device is tucked inside the car. It captures the data as the vehicle moves and sends the data in real-time back to the platform,” he said.

If a driver goes beyond the earmarked route, the vehicle can even be stopped remotely with the geofencing solution, he said.

He said the joint venture will target the US, Europe and Indian markets initially, before taking it to other markets.

fleet management

The software provides fleet overview dashboard, driver management, trips information, geofencing, charging or re-fuelling infrastructure administration and smart navigator. Pegging the fleet management market at $70 billion by 2032, Michael Perschke said the the MaaS platform has five pillars – Fleet management, Insurance-as-a-service, Hydrogen Economy, Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Data Insights.