Google Chrome’s latest update offers its audience bug fixes and a few new features. It has announced Chrome 104’s upgrade to the stable channel for Windows and Mac.

Fresh features

Google ChromeOS 104 has introduceddark and light themes to enhancethe user interface. This includes the app launcher - shelf. One can also customise the theme for files app, and other backgrounds. Google has also created wallpapers that “subtly shift from light to dark” depending on the theme mode.

TheLauncher is now more compact and easier on the eye. In addition, one can do a quick search for Android apps from the Play Store.

With the update, month and day now appear to the left of time in the shelf. A click now opens up the monthly calendar. Here, one can also view all the lined up events by tapping on a day. One can also open up Google Calendar PWA (Progressive Web Apps) with an extra click.

Fornotifications, alerts from a single person are now grouped together. There have been other major tweaks for notification alerts.

Gallery has been revamped with a purple icon, and can open PDFs, fill out forms, sign important documents, highlight texts, and more.

Google will now let one set of wallpapers from the Google Photos library. The new feature lets you select a particular album and set it as the wallpaper, where the background changes on a daily basis.

One can choose the device theme based on convenience (auto-switching is also available). The screen savercomes with three styles: Slide show, Feel the breeze, and Float on by.

Major bug fixes

ChromeOS 104 also worked on fixing issues with the interface.

  • [$TBD][1339745] Medium CVE-2022-2624: Heap buffer overflow in PDF. Reported by YU-CHANG CHEN and CHIH-YEN CHANG, working with DEVCORE Internship Program on 2022-06-27
  • [$2000][1292451] Medium CVE-2022-2617: Use after free in Extensions API. Reported by @ginggilBesel on 2022-01-31
  • [$4000][1268580] Medium CVE-2022-2615: Insufficient policy enforcement in Cookies. Reported by Maurice Dauer on 2021-11-10