Google Chrome is launching a new update for users to customise and personalise their browsers. Although the company has had a customise option, the tech giant is now introducing a new side panel to access the functionality easier.

The tech giant recently introduced new AI-powered accessibility features.

According to a Google blog post, users can test out different colours, themes, and settings in real-time by opening a new tab in Chrome and clicking the “customize Chrome” icon in the bottom right corner.

Google wrote, “If you have trouble picking just one image, you can choose to have a rotating background by clicking on any theme collection and turning on the “Refresh daily” toggle. Or, if you use Profiles to keep your work and personal accounts separate, you can give each profile a distinct background and colour to differentiate between them.

Users can access different themes from categories such as ‘landscapes’ to ‘seascapes’. In addition, Google also allows users to customise themes with different colours.