A new Google Maps feature that estimates toll charges has started appearing on Android and iOS devices. The feature was first announced by Google in April.

According to Google, the toll charges are displayed based on “trusted information from local tolling authorities.” It also considers toll passes and time when calculating the total cost. Earlier, Google Maps alerted users when a toll was payable on a journey without estimating the toll charges.

Select ‘see toll pass prices’ on Google Maps

Select ‘see toll pass prices’ on Google Maps

Users will have the option within settings to show toll prices with or without having a toll pass. Google also has a ‘Avoid tolls’ option within settings for users to avoid routes crossing toll roads entirely, if possible.

Google has enabled access to the feature only on Android and iOS devices, available for nearly 2,000 toll roads in India, the US, Japan and Indonesia. Google will extend the feature to more countries soon.