Google have brought in a major update to its Play Store by replacing ‘Permissions’ section with ‘Data Safety’ section. Under ‘permissions’, an user was able to view all the permissions required by an app even before downloading it. With the new ‘data safety’ update, an user can now get a detailed account of all the data an app needs for download.

In April, Google started rolling out ‘Data Safety’ section with the plan to help users download apps from Google Play Store with utmost security and know how an app uses data. In March, Google took down ‘Updated on’ section from its application store.

Here’s the new look of Play Store with ‘Data Safety’ section
A screenshot of Data Safety section under BHIM app

A screenshot of Data Safety section under BHIM app | Photo Credit: Screenshot

The new look of Play Store shows the ‘Data Safety’ section under ‘About this app’ section. When you tap on ‘learn more about data safety’, you will redirected to Google Play Help.

People who have a fair understanding of Android app permissions can still view the details via the Aurora Store, a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Google Play Client.