Google announced its ‘Switch to Android’ app for all Android 12 versions making it a noteworthy app. Switch to Android app for iOS makes it easy to jump to Android and switch data like iPhone contacts, iMessages, photos, videos, and calendar events. Google launched the Switch to Android app for iOS in April, providing the benefit of wireless transfer without cable connectivity with two devices.

Google stated in a blog post,”You’ll be prompted to connect your old iPhone with your new Android phone either with your iPhone cable or wirelessly via the new Switch to Android app“. Switch to Android application initiates a QR code on the iPhone for the data transfer process. In addition to data shift, Google’s wireless transfer app for iOS also allows one to transfer WhatsApp messages. During the process, a pop-up for WhatsApp launch will show on the screen to retrieve WhatsApp histories like messages, videos, photos and voice notes to Android smartphone.

Google’s wireless transfer app was initially available for Google Pixel series until now. ‘Switch to Android’ is like-for-like to iOS ‘Move to iOS app for on Google Play Store. Move to iOS allows a person to migrate data from Android to iOS in a hassle-free way. Move to iOS was launched in April 2015.