Google is rolling out the Timeline feature for Google Photos on Android and iOS.

The tech giant had announced that it will be adding the Timeline feature to Google Photos this year.

“In the coming weeks, we’re bringing Timeline to the Photos map view, so you can easily see the paths you took on a certain day, alongside your photos,” Google had said.

The feature is now being rolled out to Google Photos users on Android and iOS, 9to5Google reported.

Users can access the feature from the Search tab on Google Photos location view. In the Search tab, users will see a message that reads, “See your path through the world with Timeline added to your map” prompt.

The map display the location where the user took pictures on a particular day and the exact route that they travelled. When a user zooms in on a location, the map will show all the pictures taken at a location over time.

The map is private to users. The feature is powered by a user’s Location History. Users can choose to show or hide their Timeline at any point from the map view settings in Photos, Google had said.

Google Photos has also added a new feature that lets users replace the Default map layer with Satellite or Terrain. Apart from this, the tech giant, last week, also added new features for Memories on Photos including Cinematic photos and updated collage designs.