Mumbai, April 21:

NFT start-up GuardianLink launched a Zero Gas Fee Layer 2 for NFTs using ZK Rollup in partnership with StarkWare to onboard its entire community of NFT Holders, brands, artists, and games. ZK Rollup or Zero Knowledge Proofing is a privacy focused Ethereum scaling method.

The start-up also recently started its international gaming NFT marketplace ‘, which is going live with the World’s First Play to Earn Cricket Game NFTs,’ Meta Cricket League’ (MCL) on April 22, 2022. As part of its Meta Cricket League (MCL), will be debuting its exclusive cricket NFTs and digital cricket collectibles with Zero Gas Fees.

Reliable technology

Layer 2 enhances transaction speed and enables effective scaling up High Frequency Trading and NFT Gaming. While the NFTs are minted on this blockchain protocol with high throughput and zero gas fees, it is still secured by Ethereum as Layer 1. 

GuardianLink leveraged StarkWare’s secure, cost-efficient, fast and reliable technology as the underlying base to build and innovate on for launching its Layer 2 protocol. This enables interoperable blockchain protocol with all major networks including Ripple, Solana, Polygon and Avalanche, among others.

Arjun Reddy, Co-Founder & CTO of GuardianLink said, “Our R&D team has been diligently working on providing technological supremacy for our NFT community, as well Zero Gas Fees Layer 2 and interoperability with top blockchains. This Military Grade Secure product will empower the users to mint on with Zero Gas Fees and support any number of trades throughout its lifetime, thereby encouraging greater participation for markets like India.”

StarkWare is a Tel Aviv based blockchain company founded by the creator of ZK-STARKs, a private zero-knowledge proof system. It provides the most validated blockchain solution having minted more than 50 Million NFTs and processed 150 Million transactions, with half a trillion dollars in cumulative trading value.