Sony Jacob, the Finance and Accounts head at Bangalore-based micro-brewery Windmills Craftworks, is a happy employee ever since his company started using Happay Cards to manage the company’s employee expense.

Jacob said the card, which is integrated with mobile and web dashboard, automatically records and verifies the data and hence can directly be imported into accounting. “Earlier we used to dedicate one person especially for petty cash settlement, checking for supporting documents. Now with Happay Cards, the process has become streamlined and paperless. We are also spending 70 per cent less time in managing expenses,” Jacob added.

Meanwhile a Bangalore-based entrepreneur and restaurateur Griffith David also uses Happay Cards for his small firm.

Happay Card is a product of start-up Happay, founded by IITians from Kharagpur, Anshul Rai and Varun Rathi in 2012. It is one of its kind, business expense management solution that streamlines an organization’s expense workflow from end-to-end (expense reporting to accounting) and gives real-time visibility and control over business spending. All purchases done from this card are auto-captured on the Happay platform. Employees can snap photos of receipts, record cash expenses and submit expense reports in minutes, on-the-go without bothering about collecting or forgetting to submit the bills on time.

Happay has exclusively tied up with Ratnakar Bank for these co-branded Happay Business Expense VISA Card. Happay’s Anshul Rai said, “The initial results from our pilot customers has been very encouraging and we’re pleased to now take this solution to the broader market. We hope to tap more SMEs as our solutions are far cheaper than the already present ERP solutions used by large corporates.”

Ritesh Pai, Senior Vice President and Head Direct Banking Channels, RBL Bank, said that the bank is looking at tapping its clients for Happay. “We expect to disburse about 15,000 cards by end of this year.”