Did you just realise that you would not be available to receive the delivery of your order on the scheduled date? Amazon lets users reschedule the delivery of orders shipped by Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) any time before delivery. If the order is shipped from a third-party seller, users can directly contact the seller requesting to postpone the delivery.

Steps to reschedule your Amazon delivery

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Select ‘contact us’ under the ‘browse help topics’ or use the direct link to Amazon customer care service.

Step 3: Amazon directs you to its customer service page. Choose to chat or talk to customer care.

Step 4: Tap the order you need help with and select the ‘order tracking and delivery’ option.

Step 5: Choose to change the delivery date/time from the list of options and click continue to customer service.

Step 6: Select the preferred language for communication and enter the number to connect with Amazon’s customer care.

The option to reschedule a delivery is also available under the ‘general shipping policies’ under the ‘shipping & delivery’ section of Amazon’s browse help topics.

Option to reschedule delivery of a product

Option to reschedule delivery of a product

An Amazon agent will then reschedule the delivery to a preferred date, which will reflect in your order details.