As Instagram is on the way to revamp its platform, it brings all-Reels experience for its user base. Instagram introduced short-video interface or Reels in 2020. Since the launch of Reel, content creators have been able to more audience target than earlier.

In recent times, as Meta follows TikTok’s growth in short-form video, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said that Instagram’s priority is no longer photos. If you have a public account and upload a video, less than 90 minutes, it will be posted as a Reel. There is ‘Reel Insights’ which can be used to track audience engagement, and help content creators to plan their Instagram feed accordingly.

Instagram Reels Insights option

Instagram Reels Insights option | Photo Credit: Screenshot

View Instagram Reel performance via Insight tool:
Instagram Reels Insights

Instagram Reels Insights | Photo Credit: Screenshot

  • Open Instagram app
  • Tap on Reels tab
  • View the Reel you want to check the engagement for
  • At the bottom of the Reel, ‘View Insights’. Here you can view comments, likes, views, saves, and accounts reached for the particular Reel