In a time when online fraudulent behaviour has become very frequent, safeguarding one’s financial and personal details is at risk. ATM cards or debit fraud are amongst common frauds.

If one loses their ATM or debit card, to curb monetary fraud, they can easily block their card then and there via banks’ online portals.

Here’s a list of steps you should do if you lose your SBI ATM or debit card
  • Visit SBI net banking online.
  • Click on “e-Services”.
  • Next, click on “ATM Card Services” and then click “Block ATM Card”.
  • Select the Account to block the ATM card.
  • Next page will give you a list of the Active and blocked cards. (only the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card(s) will be shown).
  • Select the card to block and tap on “Submit”. Verify the details and confirm.
  • Choose the mode of authentication as either SMS OTP or Profile Password.
  • Next step, enter the OTP password /Profile password as chosen earlier and Click “Confirm”.
  • You will be provided with a ticket number after successful blocking of your ATM cum Debit Card.