A pioneer in robotics literacy, Inker Robotics brings a special robotics exhibition that seamlessly combines heritage and technology.

The exhibition aims to help both businesses and people to experience futuristic technologies and robots all under one roof.

The exhibition named ‘Hello Botz 23’ will allow Inker technologies to showcase some of the most innovative and cutting-edge developments in the world of robotics, taking it to the most remote corners of the country. Interactive in nature, the exhibition will be held at Thrissur Pooram Exhibition Ground where Inker Robotics has a dedicated 4,500 sq ft space to host the expo.

‘Inspiring the next gen’

“Our aim is to demystify robotics and make all the exciting developments happening in the industry accessible to the wider public. This exhibition is a great way for all people, including children to come to learn and experience first-hand all the advancements we have had over the years in the futuristic technology space. In addition to being interactive and immersive, we hope this inspires the next generation and makes them aware of the various ways by which technology will shape our world in the coming years,” said Rahul P Balachandran, Founder, INKER Robotics.

Inker Robotics will showcase IoT with both its domestic and industrial applications. Visitors will also be able to witness 3D printing modelling with precision laser engraving accompanied by 3D live food printing.

Recently, Thrissur was recognised as one of UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) and the exhibition is in line with the theme of bringing heritage, culture, and technology under one umbrella.