Intel on Thursday showcased a series of innovations including its latest transistor technology and provided the first look at its latest Tiger Lake processors and Xe graphics at the Architecture Day 2020 press event.

Chief Architect Raja Koduri and Intel fellows and architects provided details on the progress Intel is making on its six pillars of technology innovation strategy.

Intel revealed its 10nm SuperFin technology at the event. The 10nm SuperFin technology combines Intel’s enhanced FinFET transistors with Super metal insulator metal capacitor delivering a 5x increase in capacity according to the company.

The technology will power Intel’s upcoming mobile processor code-named Tiger Lake along with its next-gen CPU architecture dubbed Willow Cove. The company also provided the first look into the processors at the event.

Tiger Lake

Tiger Lake will integrate Intel’s latest technology from AI performance accelerators, Willow Cove CPU, its next-generation universal cable connectivity solution, the Thunderbolt 4 to its Xe graphics architecture.

Tiger Lake comes with 86GB/s memory bandwidth. As for the display, it will be equipped with up to 64GB/s of isochronous bandwidth to memory.

It comes with integrated TB4/USB4 and integrated PCIe Gen 4. The processor will have LP4x-4267, DDR4-3200; LP5-5400 architecture capability.

Tiger Lake is the company’s first system-on-chip with the new Xe-LP graphics microarchitecture.

Xe graphic architectures

Intel will foray into the GPU space with its Xe graphics. Intel’s first discrete Server GPU (SG1) will be based on Xe architecture for the data centre. Its discrete GPU, code-named DG1 is also based on its Xe architecture. It is currently in production and on track to start shipping DG1 in 2020.

Its Xe-LP architecture is meant for PC and mobile computing platforms. It comes with asynchronous compute, view instancing, sampler feedback, updated media engine with AV1 and updated display engine. The technology includes river improvements with DX11 path and optimized compiler.

Xe-HP is a first multi-tiled performance architecture with AI optimization.

The Xe microarchitecture variant, Xe-HPG is a gaming-optimized system with a new memory subsystem based on GDDR6. Xe-HPG is expected to start shipping in 2021.

Other updates

The tech giant also introduced new features to the Intel Graphics Command Center, including instant game tuning and game sharpening.

Apart from this, the company introduced a range of data centre architecture. Ice Lake, the first 10nm-based Intel Xeon Scalable processor, is likely to be launched towards the end of 2020. Intel’s second upcoming processor, Sapphire Rapids will be based on enhanced SuperFin technology. It aims to start initial production shipments in the second half of 2021.

On the software front, Intel is likely to release its one API Gold later this year, it said.