ITES/BPO sector currently has the highest demand for women employees, consequently accounting for highest share of total jobs available for women at nearly 30 per cent. This was driven by increasing awareness around gender parity in the workplace.

As per data from’s report, this was followed by IT/Computers-Software sector accounting for another 24 per cent of the jobs, and Banking/Accounting/Financial Services for another 13 per cent.

Emerging industries and related roles

“While this data reflects the current demand in job postings for women, it is also indicative of emerging industries and related roles that could witness a spike in women’s participation in the months to come. The IT/Computer-software industry is set to emerge as a sector with demand by recruiters as well as job seekers aligning with a similar share percentage,” the report noted.

On the contrary, women job seekers have been increasing applying for roles in the IT/Computers-Software space, accounting for 22 per cent job demand from applicants. This was followed by Banking/ Accounting/ Financial Services at 16 per cent. Interestingly, only 5 per cent women applied for jobs in ITES/BPO sector.

“These trends indicate a clear shift to more and more female professionals showing interest in new age tech dominated markets and non-traditional job roles. Women in tech and leadership roles have witnessed growing prominence over the years with businesses realising the importance of equitable hiring in the workplace,” the report said.

Industries such as education (9 per cent), and hospitals/healthcare/diagnostics (4 per cent) are also among the top 10 sectors most sought after by women job seekers.

‘Female representation is crucial’

Sekhar Garisa, CEO,, a Quess company said, “Women’s participation in the workforce has been a much spoken about subject in the past years. Female representation, especially in top management roles, is crucial as it paves the way for a more equitable and productive workforce in the country’s fast changing employment market. We have observed that tech-enabled industries such as ITES, BPO, and Banking, to name a few, have witnessed a higher share of women among others.”

He added, “Moreover, it is important to remember that skilling and nurturing talent at a young age while providing equal opportunities to all lies at the core of creating a gender-inclusive workplace. Recruiters must be well-aware of the same in their hiring practices for a diverse and productive workforce.”