City-based K7 Computing is offering a free tool to scan and remove files affected by WannaCry ransomware, which has been causing widespread damage in the last few days.

No other ransomware has exploited a very recently-discovered Microsoft security flaw to spread this way. This makes WannaCry “the most deadly, successful ransomware attack in history,” said J Kesavardhanan, Founder & CEO, K7 Computing, which provides anti-virus solutions.

K7 scanner

It is important that clients know if the system is infected or not by WannaCry ransomware. K7’s scanner scans the system to identify any WannaCry files and removes them from the machine. The scanner also identifies and removes other dangerous ransomware and bots. The free scanning and removal tool can be utilised by individual users and companies, he told the Hindu group journalists.

WannaCry encrypts the data and offers the decrypt code for a price (a ransomware). It exploits an MS17-010 vulnerability to distribute itself. It is possible that WannaCry can arrive through email, either as a malware attachment or as a malicious link. Effect of WannaCry could be far more than what has been reported in the media, he said.

K7 Computing protects over 15 million customers globally against threats to their IT environment. So far, due to WannaCry, nearly 7,000 machines have been affected, he said.

International anti-virus fraternity, including K7 Computing, is working towards creating a decrypt code to retrieve data, which should be made available at the earliest. In the current scenario, users will have to opt for a diagnostic and preventive solution, he said.

WannaCry can spread to all Windows OS prior to Windows 10 without the users’ knowledge. Particularly vulnerable are those operating systems that have not been updated with the latest patch/update. If allowed to launch, from a malicious email attachment, WannaCry will encrypt files even on a fully-patched Windows OS, whether Windows 10 or earlier, he said.