Bangalore-based IT major Infosys faced criticism from BJP MLA Arvind Bellad in the Karnataka assembly who accused it of not generating any employment at its Hubballi campus despite taking 58 acres of land in his constituency. He even demanded that the land be taken back.

During a discussion on local employment opportunities at industrial establishments in the session, Bellad said, “In my constituency, there’s an industrial estate. Infosys has taken 58 acres of land and has not given a single job. Take that land back from them.”

He tweeted on X:

Infosys has got the land from farmers for ₹35 lakhs per acre, compared to its actual value of ₹1.5 crore, Bellad claimed “I assured the farmers that their children would get employment. Today, I can’t see them in the eye. I convinced them to withdraw their court case also. There must be some penalty,” he added.

Karnataka Industries Minister MB Patil assured investigation on the matter and said, “Be it Infosys or any company, if land losers aren’t given jobs based on their educational qualification, we can withdraw incentives. We can even withdraw the land in stringent action.”

Infosys hasn’t said anything on this matter.