Researchers at cybersecurity solutions company Kaspersky have released a tool to detect the new malware that is targeting iOS devices. They said the tool ‘triangle_check’ can automatically search for malware infection.

“The tool is publicly shared on GitHub and available for macOS, Windows and Linux,” a Kaspersky spokesperson said.

Early this week, the company announced a new mobile APT (advanced persistent threat) attack on Apple’s iOS devices. The victims include some of the employees of Kaspersky.

The attack employs zero-click exploits delivered via iMessage to install malware and gain complete control over the device and user data, with the ultimate goal of hiddenly spying on users.

How it works

Before installing the tool, the user should first do a backup of the device. Once a backup copy is created, a user can install and run the tool. If indicators of compromise are detected, the tool will show a “detected’ notification. 

If the users get a ‘suspicision’ message, it means the device may have been attacked. “If there is no infection, it will displace the message – no traces of compromise were identified,” the official added.

“Today, we are proud to release a free public tool that allows users to check whether they were hit by the newly emerged sophisticated threat. With cross-platform capabilities, the ‘triangle_check’ allows users to scan their devices automatically,” he said.

Meanwhile, the cybersecurity company appointed Jaydeep Singh as its General Manager for India.