Tapping into the huge potential of digital worker services for automating business processes, electronics company Kloudpad is to set up the world’s biggest centre in the sector at Kochi with a proposed investment of ₹750 crore in three years.

The proposed facility will coordinate digital transformation services for more than 300 enterprise clients globally, especially from the US, the UK and Europe. Kloudpad will cater to this requirement by automating business processes through software robots or virtual employees that are developed using cognitive automation technology platforms, the company’s Managing Director Aromal Jayaraj Shikky revealed today.

“We aim at employing 500 IT professionals and one lakh digital workers by 2025, by when our target is to raise investment to ₹750 crore from the current ₹20 crore,” he said.

Initially, the digital workers centre in Kerala will have 100 employees. The pioneering facility in the State will provide RPA (robotic process automatic) technology that makes it easy to build, deploy and manage software robots which emulate human actions while interacting with digital business systems.

The 2012-founded Kloudpad, in its efforts to go global, will open centres in London, Amsterdam and New York. “We are devising ways to mobilise public investments in the next three years,” Shikky said. “We are holding last-round discussions on getting resources through Series A funding. During 2020-22, we received technology support and investments from Microsoft.”

Leader in world’s only digital worker marketplace

While global expenses towards RPA total $3 billion (₹24,000 crore), the worldwide market for hyper automation is estimated to be ₹4.75 lakh-crore. “Making best use of this, we aim at making Kloudpad a unicorn (with a value of over $1 billion),” Shikky said. “In fact, Kloudpad is a leader in the world’s only digital worker marketplace—the Botstore. The bots we developed outnumber those by giants such as TCS, Cognizant and Accenture.”

Kloudpad CEO Abhishek Jayaraj Shikky said Kerala’s rich resource pool of talented aspirants for internet-based jobs prompted the company to launch its centre in Kochi. “The state has a huge scope for development in this sector. We are connecting Indian talent to global enterprises through the world’s only cloud-native digital transformation services platform — the DWS”, he said.

Kloudpad’s centre has been recognised by Automation Anywhere as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in automation, the two-decade-old American company that develops RPA.