Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group is upskilling its workforce to address the changing technology needs of its customers as it bets on focused and streamlined adoption of cloud post the pandemic-induced shift, said Amit Luthra, Managing Director, India at Lenovo ISG.

The company saw that in the first phase of cloud adoption, organizations that were on fixed device systems realized that cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure could help them scale and address the challenges of providing employees access to data. 

However, now the CXOs are taking a step back and looking at streamlining the adoption and making it smarter as they want to have a laser-sharp focus, said Luthra. “Organizations are now wondering how can technology be used to create differentiation in the business and improve employee experiences,” he added. 

In order to address this change in customer behaviour, the company is upskilling its teams to address customer problems. Luthra said that customers are now coming to us with problems they need solutions figured out for and not asking for just the backup, cloud, or storage solutions, as they did before. 

“The skillset required to address a solution was much easier than the skill set required to address a problem, Hence, we are upskilling our employees as today’s customer wants us to help solve a problem not help them fulfill a requirement,” he added. 

Lenovo ISG is seeing the demand for its solutions grow significantly in India. “We are seeing requirements coming from across industries, portfolios, and verticals here. India is an important market for us globally,” Luthra said. 60 per cent of the company’s customer base is enterprise inclusive of the public sector and 40 per cent is the SMB market. 

“India has various promising verticals and segments, we plan to invest in areas that will help us optimize our coverage and help our customers in their journey of transformation,” Luthra said.