LinkedIn has discovered two ‘measurement errors’ that has led to over-reporting certain metrics.

The Microsoft-owned professional networking platform said that it had discovered and fixed two measurement affecting advertisers. The errors had led to over-reporting of advertising metrics, consequently leading to the platform overcharging the advertisers.

The error has impacted over 4,18,000 advertisers over a period of more than two years, LinkedIn said in a blog post.

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“In August, our engineering team discovered and then subsequently fixed two measurement issues in our ads products that may have over-reported some Sponsored Content campaign metrics for impression and video views,” read the blog post.

“Together these issues potentially impacted more than 4,18,000 customers over a two-plus year period. More than 90 per cent of customers saw an impact of less than $25,” it read.

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Working with affected customers

Metrics related to video ads may have been overstated as some organic videos and video ads would play even when a user was off-screen or scrolled down while the ad was buffering on Apple’s iOS devices, Wall Street Journal reported.

This may have led to overcharging advertisers who pay per view for video ads. Some impressions were over-reported for sponsored-content campaigns in the LinkedIn feed in instances such as a user rotating their phone or moving to other parts of the app, as per the report.

The platform is currently working with all affected customers to provide full credit to their accounts, it said.

“To ensure we are able to constantly learn and adjust, we are working with the Media Rating Council (MRC) to proceed with an audit of our metrics, collaborating with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud to measure video viewability, and investing in improvements to our processes and systems,” LinkedIn said.