Lufthansa Systems has signed a long term agreement with software development and consulting company Nagarro.

In a joint statement, the companies said that this will enable them to tackle the changing demands of the airline industry together, with an aim to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of current solutions.

“The industry is experimenting with new revenue and business models, so it has to become more flexible,” said Manas Fuloria, CEO of Nagarro.

The partners have worked together on numerous projects in the field of software development, operations, maintenance and consultation, such as the development of the Purser Mobile Device for Lufthansa and the strategic product development of Lido/Flight 4D, the new generation of the leading flight planning solution from Lufthansa Systems.

In future customer projects, one of the two partners will always take the lead and exclusively contract the other partner, so customers will always receive all services from a single source. The teams will be made up of employees from various disciplines in both companies but did not specify numbers.