Kore.ai, which provies enterprise conversational AI platforms and solutions, has opened its Enterprise XO Platform to small and medium businesses and developer community to drive innovation and adoption of conversational AI technologies and solutions.

The company has made its no-code platform for CAI (conversational AI) accessible to SMBs and developers with seamless integration in a pay-as-you-go model.

“Considering the pace at which virtual assistants and voice bots are being deployed, most applications that a consumer or an employee uses will, very soon, become conversational,” Raj Koneru, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kore.ai, said.

“We want to accelerate conversational AI’s adoption as the foundation for experience delivery across the board in all applications, even more so in the era of Metaverse and Omniverse where physical and virtual worlds will converge,” he said.

The Experience Optimization (XO) Platform enables businesses to design, build, test and deploy sophisticated conversational virtual assistants and process apps with minimal technical know-how or support.

The US-based company has a development centre in Hyderabad.

Empowering businesses

“The goal of the expansion is to empower small and medium businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and the broader developer community by offering the platform’s do-it-yourself functionalities for driving AI adoption,” Koneru said in a statement on Tuesday.

With this initiative, developers and businesses around the world can now access Kore.ai’s enterprise-grade platform and self-service options without a big initial investment to build AI-powered solutions for perpetual use (with predefined number of bot sessions).

“As the sessions quantitatively increase, the program is progressively priced. This will benefit millions of citizen developers and bot enthusiasts who can now configure virtual assistants, process assistants, and conversational digital and voice assistants on the platform with no coding,” he said.

This innovative approach reduces an organisation’s reliance on skilled technical experts, accelerates implementation and improves efficiency, he claims.

Certification programme

Kore.ai is also offering a certification programme through Kore.ai Academy, and a library of rich templates for new developers to learn things faster.