Meta’s Twitter-like app ‘Threads’ appeared in Google Play Store for a brief time, as per mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi’s tweet. However, it is claimed that the rollout was a mistake, as the app does not pull up anymore.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared a few leaks of the upcoming Twitter rival, ‘Threads’. He also shared some of the user-interface elements, including sign-in page, followed list, and a few more.

As per the shared screenshots, the sign-in page shows that users can log in using their Instagram credentials. The images also show followed accounts and demonstrate how Threads enables users to post and reply.

In these screenshots, users can find a lot of similarities to Twitter, such as the blue verification badge, paper clips for attachment, Twitter clone icons for likes, repost, comments, share.

Paluzzi also shared links to privacy policy, and terms and conditions of Threads app by Meta.

Meta has been working on Threads app since January. In June, we got to see a glimpse of how the Threads app, internally named ‘Project 92’ would look like.

‘Threads’ is expected to launch on July 6, as per Apple’s App Store.