Microsoft may soon start utilising Aadhaar as an authentication in its free calling service Skype, as the Centre has given its go-ahead on Tuesday.

CEO Satya Nadella met Minister for Electronics and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, wherein both have discussed the benefits of technology in various ‘Digital India’ projects.

Pilot projects

Microsoft has been carrying out pilot projects saying Skype service can be used for identity authentication using the Aadhaar database. The company has also presented various case scenarios on how Skype can be used.

For instance, Skype can be used by people to authenticate themselves for accessing government services that require Aadhaar-based authentication.

Terming his meeting with Nadella as ‘fruitful’, Prasad said India would look at applying the experiences of Microsoft’s pilot project in Harisal for its newly-announced ‘Digi Gaon’ initiative.

“We have appreciated their initiative for digital inclusion in village...the Harisal pilot project in Maharashtra where they brought in a lot of technology and connectivity for digital health and digital education,” Prasad said.

This is something the government is considering for replication, given its larger vision of digital village announced in the Budget by the Finance Minister under the Digi Gaon initiative, he said. Prasad and Nadella also discussed in detail how LinkedIn can be involved in skilling professionals to be exposed to good job opportunities.

“LinkedIn exposure for creating more employment opportunities and Digi Gaon becoming a success with application of the experience of pilot project in Harisal, is something we eagerly look forward to,” Prasad said.

On the issue of cloud, the Minister noted that India has a cloud first policy, and added, “We have empanelled Microsoft also.”

However, the issue of H-1B visas did not figure in the meeting with the Microsoft CEO, he added.

Meanwhile, Nadella also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed the company’s digital inclusion programme that leverages technology for improving rural healthcare and education.