SAP Labs India, the Bengaluru-headquartered R&D hub is betting big on acceleration of Artificial Intelligence(AI) adoption with its Business AI capabilities. For the global inc, India has emerged as a critical location for its AI transformation enabling its customers worldwide. 

The company also plans to double its AI talent base by 2024 to infuse its portfolio with AI capabilities that meet the demands of an evolving business landscape. At large, SAP has 15,000 employees in India. 

Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP and MD of SAP Labs India and Head of SAP User Enablement, shared her vision, stating, “Generative AI will fundamentally change the way businesses run. In the business world, no one is better positioned than SAP to empower businesses to take advantage of this transformational moment, giving them the solutions to harness AI to improve business outcomes.” 


SAP AI is built into the systems that power customers’ business processes and works alongside their users, discovering insights and efficiencies, making them valuable to their business. SAP AI helps customers achieve measurable business outcomes. It is trained on industry insights, and business process expertise, and tailored to customers’ data.

From finance and procurement to supply chain and many others, SAP AI is built in to drive connected insights and accelerate meaningful decisions across all business processes. SAP will continue to innovate and deliver by creating an AI ecosystem for the future, combining SAP and partner innovation, built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, said the company. 

At Sapphire, the company announced a partnership with Microsoft to collaborate on joint generative AI offerings to help customers address the talent gap with new recruitment and development tools. Sapphire Ventures, the technology-focused VC backed by SAP, in July 2023, announced that it will dedicate $1 billion to AI-powered enterprise technology start-ups. 

SAP announced strategic investments in three generative AI companies – Aleph Alpha – Anthropic – and Cohere. Later this year, SAP plans to announce new solutions and capabilities across its portfolio.