Meta is internally testing a roll-call feature in Messenger, similar to BeReal. Social media analyst Matt Navarra spotted the feature and shared it on Twitter.

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How it works

The feature invites users to add a photo or video to a prompt. A similar feature in BeReal invites users to take images using front and back cameras at random hours. In Messenger, only people who add to the roll-call can see other responses. Unlike BeReal, Messenger users can choose to start a roll-call thread in a group chat at any given time. For instance, users may create a prompt saying “show me your lunch,” and other participants in the group chat would respond with images or videos.

According to a TechCrunch report, Meta is also looking to bring roll-call on Instagram. Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted a roll-call feature for DMs on Instagram in October 2022. 

The company recently announced its subscription model called Meta Verified, which is being tested in Australia and New Zealand.

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